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Mark Van Leuven, Master Taxidermist has been in the Taxidermy business for over 20 years. He is an award winning Taxidermist at the State, National and World levels.

In 2013 he won The Best All Around Taxidermist and The Most Artistic at the annual GSTA 2013 Convention.

 Also in 2013 he won The Best All-Around and The Most Distinguished Taxidermist of the Year at the New England Convention.

He is a Past President of the GSTA, and currently holds the title of Vice President. He strongly believes that to reach your maximum potential in the Taxidermy business you need to stay involved in your local Taxidermy Association where you can discover a wealth of useful information to enhance your taxidermy skills.

Being an experienced Taxidermist, gives us a definite edge in pet preservation, as we are uniquely familiar with each pets anatomy and makeup. Something that non-taxidermists are not fully aware of.

Visit our website at: www.buck-shottaxidermy.com